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GlencoMetrics Inc. (GMI) provides infrared imaging services and power quality analysis consultation to meet businesses' growing need for reliable and cost-effective state-of-the-art energy management, predictive maintenance and quality assurance.

Maintaining its committment to excellence in the field of infrared thermography, GMI employs certified thermographers and knowledgeable staff with expertise in electrical, mechanical and building systems. And, with its use of high quality infrared imaging equipment, report generation protocol and trending analysis, GMI guarantees superior value-added service to all its commercial, industrial and residential clients.

GMI has also met the growing need for power quality analysis and electromagnetic interference studies in today's highly electronic office environment. Whether your concern is harmonics on electrical distribution networks, voltage monitoring, high-voltage transformer maintenance or AC/DC magnetic fields, GMI has the latest tools to diagnose a variety of industry problems arising from poor power quality.

The value of our services has been recognised by both the government and private sector. Some of our clients include Canada Post Corporation, Magna International, Capitol Buildings, Public Works & Government Services Canada, KemFlo, Atmospheric & Environmental Services Canada, Fabricated Plastics Ltd, Ontario Provincial Police and Brazilian Canadian Coffee.

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