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Customised Infrared Thermographic Solutions

GMI is prepared to discuss the feasibility of implementing and adapting infrared imaging in a unique way to satisfy your needs for safety, maintenance, product quality control, energy management, etc.

Standard IRT protocols are sometimes insufficient to solve unique industry problems. If you would like to know if infrared imaging can be applied to aid your business, we would be happy to provide consultation on IRT technical aspects, feasibility, logistics and cost/benefit analysis.

Have a Specific Power Quality Problem?

With a collection of powerful measurement and diagnostic tools, GMI can evaluate harmonic problems on distribution networks, monitor voltage and frequency stability, detect and map low frequency AC and DC magnetic fields and much more.

Today's electromagnetic environment is much more complex than it was before the advent of switch-mode power supplies, wireless communication, etc. Power quality problems are site-specific and often require unique test and measurement strategies to identify the cause of equipment problems, and to offer solutions that will eliminate or help cope with these symptoms.

GMI is prepared to discuss your particular power quality issues, which may include the following:

  1. Prototype testing for electrical standards compliance
  2. Computer crashes and data corruption due to voltage harmonics
  3. Computer monitor problems caused by electromagnetic interference
  4. Overheating of transformer cores and neutral conductors caused by current harmonics
  5. Communications line interference
  6. Poor voltage stability
  7. Poor power factor caused by heavy reactive loads

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